Interracial Site Launches –

I wanted to promote a “newer” interracial site that I discovered through this article.

Everything about the site is amazing so far. You can watch video previews of the scenes (most if not all of them with the facial cumshot at the end), photos, etc. Hot girls, and many of them (Keisha Grey stands out- wow I’m a huge fan of hers!) doing their first interracial sex scene at the site. Part of me is happy about sites like this ( is another but it seems to denigrate white women- most of their scenes express that white women are more or less a black man’s slave), and the other part of me is still upset with the fact that there’s still a “stigma” when it comes to white women having sex with black men on camera.

We’re living in an age where racism is idiotic, and the color of your skin shouldn’t matter. I’m sick of how the media is quick to point out that “White America” still has a problem with “Black America”. Donald Sterling, etc. Just let it go. If I wanna fuck black women, I should be able to without being judged for being white. The same should be said for a black man wanting to fuck white women.

Definitely check the site out. I have the Keisha Grey scene uploaded at my Dropbox account too.

Here’s the link:!763&authkey=!AEbu37iSJLSYkQc&ithint=video%2c.mp4

Belle Knox to Host Online Reality Show –

Look forward to watching this. Not sure who’s putting up the $1 Million Prize, but I’m guessing it’ll be interesting to see what lengths these “performers” are willing to go to win.

It should be fun to see “who’s nominated” by others too! I already suggested one sexy girl I follow on Twitter do so:

AVN – The Charlie, Rihanna and Scottine Dust Up.

I laughed my ass off at this. Rihanna is more or less a “pornstar”, and definitely a fucking slut. How dare she act like she’s better than “The Warlock” or his slut fiancee. The difference between her and “Brett Rossi” (her pornslut name) aka “Scottine Sheen” is the fact that she tries to deny who she is. She’s sold all the records and mp3 downloads simply from the fact that everyone wants to fuck her. I watched her in “Umbrella”, and wanted to cum in her face. Then I saw her in “Stay” naked in a bathtub, and I would have sucked her clit until she squirted.

It’s about time these “insignificant idiots” realized what 99% of the people in America and the World truly feel about you. We wanna fuck you, so we listen to your garbage music. Skin Diamond more or less admires Rihanna so much that she got her hair cut that way, tried to be her because we all fantasize about a “Rihanna Celebrity Porntape”. All three of them are “undesirables”, but I definitely respect Charlie and Brett more than I do her. I can’t stand people that act like their shit doesn’t stink. “The Warlock” called her out on it, and I tweeted a reply too.

Yes I’m being “judgmental” from what I wrote, but Rihanna hasn’t lead me to feel otherwise about her. She’s infautated with a scumbag named “Chris Brown” that never respected her, so why am I surprised.

Former Jills say they were exploited by Buffalo Bills | Buffalo News, Buffalo Weather | WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo, NY |

I thought this was a fitting article to post. I feel so because just like these women were exploited by their “employer”, so too are most of the female pornstars in the Porn Industry. I’ve had some time to think about the backlash I received stating my opinions on Twitter about how I will never pay for pornography again in my lifetime due to the greed of Elegant Angel, Vivid, and other “sexploitation” companies that chew up and spit out their female performers.

For every penny a Bonnie Rotten makes shooting content for their companies, they’re making $1k or more. That’s fine, and yes Bonnie and a lot of the top porn performers can generate much more of their revenue from stripping, escorting, etc. than they ever can shooting porn scenes (just like the Music Industry- artists make almost nothing from record sales; they generate all their revenue from Concerts, etc.). Porn is just a “platform” for them to get exposure.

Then someone like Bonnie Rotten (a shill obviously for the Industry) has the audacity to defend these “Porn Conglomerates”, and vilify myself and others who choose not to pay for content they can access for free (thank you Mindgeek- they’re smart enough to realize that they can’t make the amount of $$$ they want to strictly from DVD/Blu-ray sales so they own free Porntube sites as well).

Bonnie’s behavior on this topic is the equivalent of someone who works for McDonald’s getting upset that someone used a coupon to get a free cheeseburger, or someone who works as a slave for Walmart getting upset when someone shoplifts from their store. As long as you got your fucking $$$, you should give a fuck less whether “they get theirs!” I don’t care about my fucking employer’s bottom line, so why do you? They need you more than you need them. What I tried to construe to you before on Twitter.

On that note, all you ladies should be “independent contractors”. You’re why I jack off, not because Elegant Angel produced or distributed your scene. I could care less who produced the content, etc. It’s you sucking and fucking, and free beats paying for it. No one in their life has ever turned down a “free meal”, or anything free!

If you disagree, then you’re an absolute liar. You don’t need these companies to produce your content either. Webcam, have your own domain and website. You are the product, not them. Get on Twitter, Facebook, manipulate men to throw $100 bills at you at the Crazyhorse in Vegas, or Scores in NYC. That’s where your focus should be. Not worrying about “John Doe 36″ downloading/watching all your porn for free.

I’ve said all I can say. Not saying any of this for a reaction either. I speak for Thousands if not Millions of “Porn fans” that have every one of your scenes, but choose not to pay for any of them. I would like the option to “pay only for the girls I’m interested in”, and not the other 2 or 3 on every movie these companies release. They pay 1 or 2 performers more than the rest (put their “top billing girl” on the cover), and the others are there to fill out the cast. It’d be like someone in a Tom Cruise movie being paid $100k when he got $20 Million for the movie. I don’t go to a “Tom Cruise movie” to see “Joe Blow”. I pay to see “Tom Cruise”. I feel the same way about Porn.

I’m glad that my “Blog is misinformed”. Do a survey on any website “Would you pay for porn if it was $10 or less for a movie”? and the answer would probably be 65% or more yes. Because that movie is instead $30 or $35, then is it any wonder we find whatever avenue we can to watch it for free?

Update: Buffalo Bills cheerleaders suspend operations

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders suspend operations.

Looks to me like these girls are going to win their lawsuit and be compensated appropriately. It wouldn’t surprise me either if one or more of these women parlay the attention of this into a Playboy spread or more. Before anyone criticizes their choices, remember that it’s not “exploitation” (or sexploitation) if these women are in control of their careers and choices. Many women who are in the Porn Industry, however, are exploited (even though they chose that career/lifestyle for themselves- to make $$$ from their bodies and sexuality). They go from a simple boy/girl scene to doing 10-15 guys in a blowbang/gangbang scene. It’s that promise of “easy $$$” that allows them to be exploited and used by an Industry that doesn’t care about it’s performers.

It’s why I said “Bonnie Rotten” has been brainwashed into believing that the “Elegant Angels” of the Porn Industry are important. Bonnie should reap what she sows, and not earn less than 1% of the revenue for 100% of the work. I’d still love to know what she received for “Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman”. I’m guessing $5k or less, yet sales of the movie will generate them Millions.

Porn Star Coco Velvett Watches Her Sex Scenes For The Very First Time (VIDEO).

This was awesome! I like that she felt awkward watching herself fuck. That’s a normal reaction. She can “distance herself” mentally from what she does or has done.

On the flipside, there’s many “self-centered” girls in both porn and in life that make everything they do about them. I bet she’s the polar opposite of 95% of the girls in porn (18-23). They watch their shit, probably masturbate to their scenes. “Life is all about them”. That’s why “Daddy” always has his belt ready! I’ll set them girls straight!

Corporate Greed

Posted: April 12, 2014 in My thoughts

I love how there’s been a “change of heart” when it comes to Corporate Greed in America.  People defending companies for how much $$$$ they extort from us.  Gas prices being $3.50 versus $.50.  “Dollar Menus” that have 2 items that are $1 and every other item is $2 or more.  “Google and Amazon care about us”.  The fuck they do!

I thought that was bad enough, and then I realized how naive and ignorant some of the pornstars we “worship for their sluttiness” are!  Girls exploiting themselves every day.  I won’t “mention her name”, but if you read my blog you know who I’m referring to.  How can something as “socialist and liberal” as porn be about $$$$.  I bet a good portion of these girls are Republicans, because they wanna make as much money as they can, and get rich.  They don’t wanna pay taxes, and want every fucking cent they can reap off deviants like you and I.  It’s no different than “real life” (most of them don’t even like sex- only do what they do for a paycheck).  Let’s take advantage of as many “slobs” as we can!  Girls that wouldn’t even give us 2 seconds of their time if we saw them randomly and wanted to say hi or get an autograph.  Those are the people that have the audacity to expect me to throw $100 bills at them when they feature at a strip club when I can load up their “free porn” on my phone.

Bonnie insulted me, told me I had a “misinformed blog” and was expressing “misleading thoughts” when she knows everything I’ve said is true.  Guys like myself have figured it out.  We’ll watch “amateur sluts” (many that are hotter than 99% of the pornstars that people throw thousands at) webcamming on Cam4, and other “camslut” sites for free, and definitely visit the various Porn Forums to download the “paid sluts’s” smut (two scenes at least are up for me to download of Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman- I’ve have them downloaded already other than the fact she insulted me).  That’s not “torrent” content either.  It’s “Cyberlocker sites”, which can’t be shut down.  I may even share links.  We’ll see.

I respect Bonnie’s sexuality.  I just think she’s a “shill” for the industry.  Wants them to make $$$ they don’t deserve.  Wants them to attack “Porn John Doe 34″.  Porn John Doe will never pay for your content, and that’s a good thing.  Greed “may be good” to Gordon Gecko, but “middle class America” (you once were Ms. Rotten- Cincinnati, Ohio) sees through the corporate bullshit and waste in California, and definitely in Washington D.C.  Elegant Angel should die like every other greedy company in the history of our Nation.

Video: 'Nightline' Takes Look at Porn Piracy, Tube Sites – XBIZ Newswire.

I’m glad Nightline carried this story, and also glad to once again state my opinion about the Porn Industry, and how their greed has lead them down the path they’re on. I started this blog as a way to express my enjoyment of Porn (love for Sex in general), and to honor the sex performers who enjoy expressing and sharing their sexuality with us. I’ve also used this blog to expose the greed of the various Porn Studios (Elegant Angel is one of the greediest- scum in fact), and how they “exploit” their performers (ask Jessie Rogers or Jenna Presley to name a couple “former” starlets) to make as much $$$$ as they can. As a result of their greed (and the fact that I was threatened with litigation for “piracy”- they couldn’t prove anything and never can), I will no longer pay for porn, and I advocate everyone else do the same.

Now before all the pornstars start attacking me, let me explain why I advocate for “free porn”. As the article stated, “Mindgeek” (formerly known as Manwin) owns 6 of the top 10 porntube sites. They also own many of the various Porn Studios as well (Digital Playground is one of the major studios they own). They’re generating revenue both with DVD/Bluray sales, and also making revenue from their various porntube sites as well. “Free porn” is somewhat of a misnomer too. It may be free to us the consumer of porn, but it’s big business to Mindgeek and other companies that own porntube sites (Xvideos and Xhamster are a couple of my favorites as well; 8Tube and Pornhub are owned by Mindgeek and awesome too). Advertising, pop-ups, etc. If you register for an account (also free to do- I’m mar77xxx at most of them) with an e-mail address, then they can send you advertising (spam) or sell your e-mail to other companies that can solicit you because they know you enjoy porn.

In terms of the performers (Bonnie Rotten, who I absolutely adore, attacked a guy on Twitter who said he was going to pirate her latest scene), they’ve “gotten their $$$ upfront”. They’re paid for the sex acts they’re performing, and then the revenue ends. They don’t get residuals, and they don’t earn another cent even as Elegant Angel, Vivid, or Digital Playground continue to make $$$ each and everyday from their sex acts. Because of this Bonnie (yes I’m using your name because of how you’ve been brainwashed into believing my downloading or watching your smut for free is costing you revenue), I want you and the other sexy starlets I adore (Remy LaCroix, Riley Reid, Jada Stevens, etc.) to either boycott these companies and go independent, or form a “Pornstar Union” that will guarantee you revenue. Every time I pull up a Tasha Reign scene (she was interviewed in the newspiece) at, she should get revenue. Just like Miley Cyrus gets revenue from Youtube for her videos, you ladies should be compensated too.

About the argument “Well we’re in less demand, and receive less $$$ for our porn scenes”, you can blame that more on Webcam sites and sites like Youporn where “amateur content” is posted daily. Girls willing to be filmed doing blowbangs or gangbangs for free, and sharing them doing so for free. If you’re performing sex acts as a career simply for the $$$$ (wearing depends for the rest of your life because they pay you $5k for every scene you perform “double anal”), then you too are greedy, and make myself even more happy to watch you fuck for free.

Lastly, you should be demanding more $$$ for your performances, and not settling for “Well we can only pay you $1k instead of $2k for this scene because of piracy”. The very same company telling you this is making as much revenue from their “free porntube” sites as they are selling your movies. They can probably write off “their losses” too. You’ve been exploited and brainwashed. Fuck these companies. Go independent, or join a Company like I plan on owning one day. Porn starlets will “reap what they sow”. Not be paid the same amount of $$$ for being on Elegant Angel’s Squirtwoman cover as a girl stripping in Vegas nightly. If Bonnie Rotten reads this (I might tweet her it directly), I’d love to know “how little” they’re paying her for “Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman”! I bet $3,500 or less. Suckers will eat it up and buy 10k copies for $30 or more. Exploitation at it’s finest. I’ll watch it for free though!

Here’s the video as aired on ABC’s Nightline: