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It’s been a long time since I last wrote here at my blog.  I’ve had an up and down journey with my life, and for the most part I can say it’s been overall good the last couple years.

My interactions with others of late have been mostly at Twitter @mar77xxx but also at a site called  Which is why I am writing this.  I abruptly decided to close my account there (not the 1st time I’ve done so- the last was when someone started revealing my name, phone number, etc.).

I did so because I was ridiculed/criticized for being open with my sexuality.  Why go on a site where you can interact with others sexually and yet they then clam up and not say anything? Be made fun of because someone turns you on, and you try to express that with them?  Go on a site and share naked photos, etc. and then act offended when someone tries to interact with you?

If you’re reading this, (and I invited some people there to check out this blog) then you now understand why I said “fuck this!”.  I won’t waste my time on someone who acts like it’s beneath them to say thanks, or I appreciate your comments.  Someone that doesn’t have their profile private.  Someone that joins a public chatroom where people are interacting, and yet when you say something to them starts acting like you are the problem.  I’ve already forgotten her name (if it was even a woman to begin with lol), but fuck her.

If and when I create another account there (not sure if I ever will at this point), I’ll not interact with anyone other than a select few people I’ve met there throughout the years. Not put myself out there to be judged, demeaned, made a mockery of.

Sadly, I’m not the only one who’s suffered a similar fate there.  Many girls I’ve met there suddenly vanished too, and for similar reasons as me.  If you get too “popular” there, or they feel like you’re using the site to promote yourself (yes I’ve shared my Twitter, porn links, etc. through the site) then you get hated on, and more or less forced out.

I just hope the people I interacted with and enjoyed my company there realize my decision had nothing to do with them.  It’s for me and my betterment.  If you’re around negativity, and it has a negative impact on your life, you need to make that go away.  Whether it’s a girlfriend that brings you down, your shit career, or social media, alleviate those stressors the best way you see fit.  I have, and I’m already happy for having done so.

Those core people know my e-mail.  Know how to get in touch with me, and they will.  For the rest of the people there I interacted with, it’s “their loss”.  If enough people realize what the site has done over and over again to people like myself, they too will say “fuck this”.

Go-to Gonzo Girl Adriana Chechik becomes Must-See Girl – The Dr. Is In! – XCritic Porn Star Blog.

I’m proud to share this article at my blog. Adriana Chechik is one of my new favorites, and maybe the most sexual pornstar I’ve ever watched suck and fuck. Her scene in Gangbang Me from Hard X (AJ Applegate’s scene is fucking hot too) is among the best gangbang scenes I’ve watched.

Her ability to take 3 cocks in her pussy as well as her asshole at a time is incredible. Nothing is off-limits with a sexy girl like her, and she’s what every guy wants. A girl that will let her man fulfill all his nasty desires. I’d love her to squirt all over my face and cock too. I may even tweet her this. I’m sure she’d be happy I did!

Here’s a link to her scene in DP Me too:

McKayla Maroney: Nude Photos Could Make Her A Sex Offender Due To Child Porn Laws?.

I wrote something similar to this when “Revenge Porn” was a huge topic in the media. How these women were being “victimized” because people were sharing photos and videos of them at various websites (most if not all of them are now shut down). I commented how there needed to be accountability not only for the person sharing the content, but also the person allowing that content to be made in the first place.

One such story was of a girl who at the time the photos of her were taken, was under 18 years of age. It was by “legal definition” considered child pornography, even though the girl (her name wasn’t released due to her being a minor) consented to having the photos taken of her. The guy who owned the site the photos were uploaded to was sued by this girl and her family for the emotional damage she suffered, and possible criminal action was being pursued for his dissemination of her photos as well. I wrote at that time that maybe this girl should be charged with “Distribution and dissemination of Child Pornography” as well.

I bring this all up because McKayla Maroney is in the news for a very similar issue. Yes she never intended on these photos (only one shows nudity, and not her face) being seen online, but I feel she should take accountability for her actions of taking these photos in the first place. You have to assume in this day and age that anything you do online will be seen by others. Every tweet, every FB post, every photo on Instagram, etc. If for even one second you think to yourself “should I put this online?”, then you shouldn’t. Many businesses today request access to all of a person’s social media accounts when considering them for employment. I myself would be fired from my career if they knew about this Sex Blog, my Twitter account, the fact I have nude photos online, etc.

Having said this, why is it that “some of us are held accountable” for our actions yet others are not? She’s a “celebrity”, so the real issue (why was a 15 or 16 year old taking photos like this in the first place- I’m not sure what her age was at the time of the topless photo she took) get skewed, and disregarded. Someone taking photos of themselves nude under the age of 18 should be treated just as harshly for creating that content as the people who distribute it for others to see. Also, the Millions of us who have looked online at her photos shouldn’t be treated like criminals for doing so. She like the rest of us should have to live with the decisions and choices she made. Not treated like a victim. She took the photos, not the hacker. The same goes for Jennifer Lawrence, and all the other celebrities affected by 4chan.

Jennifer Lawrence: Nude Leaked Photos The Fault Of The Victim In New Slut Shaming Twist?.

All my “followers” knew I was chomping at the bit to write about this. I was biding my time, waiting for the right time to write about what occurred with “yet another celebrity hacking incident”.

For a long time, I used to think this was a “set up thing” where these various celebrities were looking for attention when their otherwise meaningless careers were being ignored. It was a way for them to be in the “spotlight”. Would we ever know who the fuck Paris “slut” Hilton or even Kim (Kimye) Kardashian was without their slutty actions?

First of all, I’m sorry some scumbag took advantage of your ignorance. How you felt that your actions (whether it was yesterday or 5 years ago) wouldn’t be revealed for the World to see. However, now you’re “more popular than ever”, so don’t act like you’ve been victimized, even though “by law” you have. We live in the “non-privacy age”. Everything we say and do (It’s not a matter of if but when the Feds raid my house for my porn collection I continue to add to!) is on record, can be subpoenaed, can be requested from Google, Yahoo, etc. ISP’s, etc. They don’t value what you do online. They’ll contact the authorities tomorrow for fear of sanctions against them.

Because of these facts, I have no sorrow for any of these people. Ariana Grande (your career is based on the fact that everyone wants to fuck you even though you look 14), Jennifer Lawrence (we only went to American Hustle because your tits were popping out of your dress), and Kate Upton (you’re an average looking girl with amazing tits) should be happy this “scandal” will make you more $$$. Now TMZ, everyone is writing about this. It beats going the “Kimye” route where it’s obvious the sex tape was put out for $$$, and to give her notoriety. In fact (it was reported and proved) her Mother was the one who came up with the whole idea, and acted as her manager/agent and selling the tape. Talk about “pimping your daughter”.

Just remember. “Anything and everything you do online can be seen, saved, replicated, and used against you”. I’ve got a ton of all these “celebrity sluts’” content on my Dropbox right now. The shame of it all is the fact that one guy “leaked all this content” for fear that “others” would make money off his work. He wanted to “make the value of the content meaningless”.

Also, I can’t wait for this “video” to be leaked of Jennifer Lawrence taking a cumshot facial!

The Shortlist for Aug. 18 | Gallery | Wonderwall.

I laughed my fucking ass off at this. This girl obviously is a freak, and loves being naked. Quit lying to yourself and just do porn for a living. She’d get a contract too is the sad part.

It contradicts all the recent posts I’ve written. “Reap what you sow”! They’ll give some idiot like this $1 Million to do porn 10-15 scenes a year, yet girls are out there making us cum every day and night and earning pennies in relationship to what those who exploit them are.

Quit giving these people attention (yes I’m guilty- I did cum to her two horrible films that Vivid shot and I downloaded for free), and we won’t have to blog about them, TMZ won’t put them on the front page of their site, etc.

I guess I owe Bonnie Rotten an apology. Farrah is a bigger whore than her! LOL

I was going through all the great things I’ve wrote and expressed here at my blog and discovered this post from over two years ago:

It was in response to Remy LaCroix’s post at her WordPress Blog about retiring from the porn industry.

As anyone who loves porn (and her like I do) realizes, the things I wrote were 100% accurate.  Not only did she win the AVN for “Best Feature” (Remy), but she also won the AVN for “Best New Starlet”. 

Since her return to the industry (I believe she stopped shooting for less than 6 Months) she’s won even more awards and is easily considered one of the top Pornstars in the Industry!  She never forgot her fans either, for without us she’d be unknown.

I only am writing this to be nostalgic, and to send this via Tweet to her at @remymeow shortly.

There’s more information about her here:

A post I wrote about her in from “Remy 2”:

Photos of Lexington Steele cumming in her face:


Remy Lacroix- Remy 1

Watch her scene with Lexington Steele from Remy 1 too:

Remy Lacroix vs Lex steele – XVIDEOS.COM.

I’ll use a term that gets mentioned all the time in other facets of business (and porn is a dying business because of their failure to understand principles of business). Whether you use the term “supply and demand”, or I prefer the term “saturation”, it means rather than having a product that is a “commodity”, you have instead a product that is more than anyone can ever satiate their appetites with! Yes us porn fanatics jack off all the time to Jada Stevens, Remy LaCroix, Riley Reid, Jenna Haze, Maddy O’Reilly, Lisa Ann, etc. As a result I’m not meeting my needs with “Amateur Midwest Girls 92”, looking for some girl from the State I live in.

In other words, why even seek out “something new” when I get off to what I already enjoy? That then asks the question “Why should I even try to buy every movie Riley Reid shot in 2014 when I’m only interested in her one scene of 5 in each flick?” Hint Hint- give me access to the content I want, and stop shooting content I don’t. Don’t give me filler porn. Porn I don’t wanna watch, and have no interest in. I hate analogies, but some of us “Want a Big Mac”, and could give a fuck less about a “Whopper” (though the girls love whopper cocks LOL).

If we’re at a fast food restaurant, and they tell us “would you like fries with that”?, and we didn’t ask for them, why the fuck would I want “X scene” with “X pornstar” as part of what I’m purchasing? Let us buy the porn we want. Whether it be “scene by scene” (I’ve addressed this fact over and over again here at the blog- this is for all the new sluts I’ve met at Xhamster, Xvideos, etc. that joined this blog because of those free porntube sites- slut is not derogatory either in today’s society; “Bonnie Rotten” aka “whore” is- she’s doing it for $$$$), or paying the girls directly. I would prefer that option. Them shooting for themselves, and not making Elegant Angel, Vivid, and those other sites that spit up and chew out porn talent Millions at their expense!

Ironically, and I wasn’t going to type this, but anyone can shoot their own porn on their I-Phone, Android, digital camera and submit them to porntube sites and make money! Who needs these Porn Producers? I would love to start a “Porn Union” for these girls with insurance (most of these girls tweet about how grateful they are for “Obamacare”, and how fucking disgusting is that?), 401k options, etc. “They reap what they sow”, and are truly appreciated for the pleasure they provide us. I don’t say to myself “I’m watching Riley Reid fuck in this scene because she’s shooting for Jules Jordan instead of Elegant Angel”, so why does it matter whether instead she’s shooting for her own company, making every cent of revenue for doing so?

I got a little carried away, but the morale of the story is “Porn is good because the feature girls make enough money shooting for multiple companies, and they meet our demand for their smut as a result”. However the business model is flawed, because those “Companies” are making us pay for porn we don’t want (and I’d pay a fair and reasonable price to watch the girls I enjoy) because they don’t want to offer us a cheaper alternative to get the content we actually want from their materials. I’m convinced too that the girls would find out “Oh my scenes were downloaded 100k times for “X amount” yet you paid me the same $$$ as “x girl” from the same movie who’s scene was downloaded 10k times!” If that happened, those girls would rebel.

They should be paid for what they generate revenue. Yes many girls would quit the industry because they had to fuck for 1/100th the amount of money the top 5 or 10 pornstars received as payment, but that “saturation” I mentioned would disappear as a result, and it would be “survival of the fittest”. That same “Midwest Girls 92” performer might get on Twitter, go to all the strip clubs in the Midwest and make sure she made more money too. She’d find herself “reaping what she sowed” too. Porn would be better overall because the girls would know “The more perverts who download this scene I’m doing, the more money I make”. If one of these girls came to a studio they’re shooting for drunk, or not into the guy she was working with, then she shouldn’t receive the same amount of money she got for an AVN Award winning scene. Some of these girls (Samantha Saint, and the list goes on- I’ll write about that next as a follow up to this) sell out and get complacent. They know that the companies they work for will get them Award nominations they don’t deserve. There’s a reason they go home empty handed even though they’re hot as fuck, used to do gonzo condom free (not (garbage features with condoms) and one took facials like champs. They sold out for the easy $$$$. Contracts could be ripped up, which would benefit the companies that survive this purge too.

I could see a scenario from Wicked Pictures now. “Samantha, your movies tanked. They sold this and that, and we’re paying you far more with your contract than what you’ve generated for us. You are the weakest link! Goodbye!” I know if I don’t do my fair share at my company, I’m expendable, and should be let go. Why should porn be any different? “The bottom feeders” of the industry (amateur bbw’s taking 30 facials for $300 that generate $30k) subsidize the girls doing “artsty fartsy films” that don’t sell dick. Personally, I would rather watch a girl that got too drunk on wine one night convince her boyfriend to let her film her gangbanging 10 of his friends on “Xtube” or any “free porntube site” than 99% of the girls in this industry. Ironically, stating that number, there’s a solid 100 girls that are worthwhile, and I will drop anything I’m doing to download their smut. I’d pay if you made me affordable to do so instead.

Rant over. My last tirade about this failure of an industry here for a while (maybe? LOL). Having said this, I know that Riley (she’s never said one negative word to me at Twitter or most of them- they appreciate what I’m saying in fact though they can’t admit that to the agents they pay 15% or more to) won’t have a problem with this post like that imbecile Bonnie Rotten did and will with this too! Trying to say I’m spreading falsehoods. Trying to say I’m wrong, and others who enjoy porn like I do don’t identify or agree with me (that they enjoy paying for it)!

On that note, one last analogy (and I obviously love them LOL)! Why would anyone pay $3.50 for gas when they could fill their gas tanks for free with a little effort (trick the gas to pump for free, etc.)? Now that same guy or girl (and that’s the thing that’s lost in all this- I’d say it’s almost even that girls watch as much porn as men now- and 85% of them don’t download porn- they watch porntube sites for free) instead could pay $.99 and not have to do anything risky. Pay for her gas, and go on her way thinking to herself “I don’t have a problem paying for this gas for $.99 a gallon when they used to extort me for $3.50 a gallon instead”. That’s something to keep in mind. Content will always be shot and consumed. Why should us “the consumer” pay as much as we do to “consume it” when we can get ourselves off for free?