DepositFiles Settles Multi Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit | TorrentFreak

Posted: June 13, 2012 in My thoughts

DepositFiles Settles Multi Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit | TorrentFreak.

Seems like for every step forward that is made in the war on Piracy, ultimately two more steps are taken back. I can understand why Depositfiles settled the lawsuit. The amount of time, effort, and $$$ necessary to fight the case at trial far exceeded what they ended up paying just to make the case “go away”. But that’s where the issue lies, and why companies like Perfect 10, Inc. will continue to file frivolous lawsuits (really they sued MasterCard, Visa, and even Google? LOL) both against companies and individuals in “John Doe Lawsuits”. They know that people or companies will just settle to make everything go away, so they’ll keep suing again, and again, and again.

Unless companies (Verizon is just one of many that aren’t putting their customers in harm’s way- they see these cases for what they truly are) and individuals being sued fight in court, etc. we can expect this to continue now and into the foreseeable future. They and us the consumer have to realize that when we fight them, we do it for others too. Precedents need to be established (“One I.P. Address does not equal a person”, etc.) so that these lawsuits are thrown out before they even start.

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