Kim Dotcom Theory on Corporate Cyberlocker Use Supported By Survey | TorrentFreak

Posted: June 18, 2012 in My thoughts

Kim Dotcom Theory on Corporate Cyberlocker Use Supported By Survey | TorrentFreak.

This just supports some of the things I’ve said about technology. Not everything is “black and white”. Yes Megaupload was used for piracy, and a whole lot of it ( and elsewhere). However, that wasn’t all it was used for as the U.S. Government would make it out to be. Megaupload was a legitimate company with legitimate uses by many Corporate companies, etc.

And as a result, I don’t feel you can hold Megaupload responsible for what it’s consumers used their services for. It’d be the equivalent of holding Google responsible for someone being able to find child pornography via an online search, or saying that Bit Torrent software is illegal simply because you can download copyrighted materials with it. For all the “good” (and I hate to even put it in this terminology- I don’t feel piracy is “bad”) uses something was intended for (sharing information, etc.), there are going to be just as many “bad” uses for it.

Ultimately, it comes down to “who do you hold responsible”? The company that provided the “gateway” for people to commit piracy and share copyrighted materials with others, or the actual people themselves that did the sharing in the first place? I say you hold each individual responsible. They were being compensated every time someone clicked their link and downloaded something they put up just as much as the company who was selling the space and access for them to put the files up to begin with.

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