Ballot Measure B – So What Happens Now ? Part 1 – AdultBizLaw

Posted: November 7, 2012 in My thoughts

Ballot Measure B – So What Happens Now ? Part 1 – AdultBizLaw.

Interesting article. Measure B won’t happen overnight, but I could see within 6 months or so all Porn being shot in the greater Los Angeles area requiring condoms on set. It takes time to set up camp elsewhere, so while many of these studios will remain in California, I could see many others leaving in protest of the law. Nevada or Florida makes a lot of sense due to no State Income Tax there. That could save the performers and possibly the Studios themselves a lot of money, and they’d be encouraged to leave the State of California as a result.

I think the reluctancy will be on the Vivid and Digital Playgrounds of the industry. They’ll want to remain in California (Chatsworth) and will comply with the law due to them not wanting to pay to go elsewhere. The actors and actresses will have to make a decision. Do they comply with Measure B and stay in California (condom use), or do they leave and continuing performing condom-free elsewhere (Europe, Brazil, Florida, etc.). That will ultimately decide how much of an impact this law has on the Adult Film Industry as we now know it.

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