Miss Delaware Teen USA Resigns Over GirlsDoPorn Video – XBIZ.com

Posted: February 27, 2013 in My thoughts
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Miss Delaware Teen USA Resigns Over GirlsDoPorn Video – XBIZ.com.

It’s a shame that she had to resign as Miss Delaware Teen USA because she wanted to experiment with her sexuality. I hope she parlays all this into a porn career.

I’m proud to read “The scene ends with a facial, which King claims as her favorite part”. Every girl that’s open about her sexual desires, and loves providing men with pleasure always enjoys his cum all over her face! Once a girl accepts that reality that men enjoy shooting their cum on her tits and face, she can make a living from it.

We know too when a girl is doing so simply because she knows we enjoy, and for that reason only. On the other hand, a girl that loves cum in her mouth and all over her face is the one begging for our loads. That personally drives me wild! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I will not marry a girl that does not enjoy facials.

  1. mar77xxx says:

    Wanted to update the story. TMZ reported that Youporn.com has offered her $250k to represent their company as “Miss Youporn”.

    Melissa King — Miss Delaware Teen USA Offered $250,000 Porn Contract | TMZ.com.

    Also, I’ve located her “GirlsDoPorn” video, and would be happy to share it with anyone interested?

    Just sign up at Dropbox using my referral code:


    After you do so install the Dropbox software, and I’ll share the video. Going to create a “Celebrity Sex” folder and put it up along with some others I have.

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