Mr. Marcus Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail –

Posted: June 5, 2013 in My thoughts
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Mr. Marcus Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail –

I think this sets a good precedent. If anything, even the possibility of him still being positive for syphilis (we’ve all heard the horror stories of “false results”) should have made him not want to shoot those scenes. I wrote about this before, but he put the health and well-being of people who trusted he was disease-free at risk by his callousness.

Let’s not forget the most important aspects of this case either. One that the Testing company who provided the results helped him manipulate them to look like he was syphilis free. Secondly, the porn production companies that shot those scenes even though it was clear that he had white pus coming out of his genital region as he performed (I saw the screen captures from one of his shoots and to me they more or less ignored the risks involved with allowing him to perform that day). To my knowledge, neither scenes have been released, which makes me believe they knew they were negligent.

I’m sure the girls he infected (one has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Marcus because of it) will make a fortune in their lawsuits. Hopefully Mr. Marcus’ career is officially over too. I know if I had a Porn Production company, I wouldn’t shoot scenes with him.

Attorney: Mr. Marcus in Jail Due to Probation Violation –

Update to the story.

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