UGotPosted Site Operator to Be Arraigned –

Posted: January 17, 2014 in My thoughts
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UGotPosted Site Operator to Be Arraigned –

This is somewhat of a follow-up to the last “blog post” I made. Yes the guy is a “scumbag” because he created the secondary website and extorted $ from those trying to get him to take down their photos and personal information. However, I feel the guy did absolutely nothing wrong posting photos and information about people provided to him by others.

Yes you can argue that a majority of the girls (and yes there were some guys at the site too- that won’t be reported by the media though) didn’t want their nude photos and or personal information (FB profile, etc.) posted at his site. I can say without question though that many of those girls got off on the fact that “random men” could see their nude photos, and contact them for sex, etc. I right now have a “dummy FB” account with a false name (in addition to my “legitimate one”), and I’ve seen naked photos, videos, etc. at FB, and have even had sex chats with many girls there.

In fact, some I messaged because of seeing them at, and they weren’t embarrassed or ashamed of it (I would guess some of them submitted their own information and acted like someone else did once others discovered or found out about it). Most wanted feedback on whether or not they were sexy or attractive. Many told me they were going to become strippers (if they weren’t already) and were considering a career in Porn too. It’s this very same reason that sites like and many others exist. My personal experience is that most women are exhibitionists, but they repress their sexuality because of societal norms or mores.

Sites like this provide them an outlet to express and share their sexuality with others. 95% of the experience is good for them too, and I’ve made many friends (I keep the fact we met through these sex sites a secret too because I respect them unlike this creep) because they liked seeing me naked, and I liked seeing them naked too. If our society wasn’t so hypocritical, we wouldn’t be reading about “Revenge Porn” so frequently.

That’s the biggest lie too. Many women enjoy the fact others can see them naked, and aren’t “victims” of these sites. That’s why “Web-Camming” is the present and future of the sex industry. Interactive “one-on-one” sex with people. It’s the ultimate “win-win” for everyone involved. The girls get the attention they need, and get paid for doing something they’d probably do anyways for free. Guys get attention too, and don’t have to deal with all the drama required when it comes to having sex/relationships with women.

I can get off and move on to the next girl. In many cases, do so without spending one penny! There’s a reason for that too. Many of these girls aren’t doing what they’re doing for the $$$. It’s just icing on the cake for them, and justification to others that what they’re doing can make them an “honest living”. Most parents aren’t upset that their daughters are doing porn, or making $$$ from the sex industry either. It means they’re “business savvy”, and are capitalizing off their sexuality. It’s far better for your daughter to be making $$$ in the Porn Industry, or Web-camming in a controlled, safe environment than be stripping, escorting, or prostituting themselves. It’s almost “well at least she’s making a good living, and is happy!”

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